Swansea Your Story – Community Workshop – 24.3.13 / 14.4.13

Sunday 24th March, at the Discovery Room on the first floor of Swansea Central Library starting at 2pm. All Welcome.

Who Where and When?

A photograph is said to be worth a thousand words but what’s a photograph without words?

Without knowing any information about a photograph, an image cannot be easily read. It’s useful to know the location, the date and any information realting to an image. Who is in the picture? Why was it taken?  With a little help and knowledge, most of this can be discovered from in the photo itself.  Other photos that show the same location can also help identify vanished buildings or ancestors.

A photograph can be dated by the style of clothes or the type of a car, therefore as part of the workshop we will look at some of the ways to achieve this.  

Swansea Your Story’s collection of old photographs contains many unidentified locations that are believed to be taken in and around pre-war Swansea.

We need your help to add captions and tell the stories of these photos.

You are welcome to bring some of your own photos for identification or just for general discussion. Local photographer and historian Royston Kneath will be on hand to chair the event.

The workshop funded by All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund as part of Swansea a Town and City in Photographs.

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