White Rock Project – Historical Association, Swansea

To request a project outputs, including school packs, research materials and leaflets, please email Kate Spiller, Connected Communities Project Coordinator:k.spiller@swansea.ac.uk

Project Summary:

The Swansea Branch of the Historical Association are researching oral histories to create digital trails and supporting resources in the White Rock and surrounding areas.

The White Rock Copper Works were established in the Lower Swansea Valley in 1736. White Rock was one of the most important copper smelting works in the Lower Swansea Valley, the world centre of non-ferrous smelting for much of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Lead and silver were also smelted at White Rock.

The project focuses on the lives of the people who worked at the site and lived around it. The rich and largely unresearched archives of oral histories of the area are being explored. They will be made available on the site as a digitally-supported walk. The full results of the research will be made available through the project’s own web site, West Glamorgan Archives, Swansea University Miners’ Library archives, and other repositories identified during the course of the project.

Relevant samples of the oral histories will be delivered through mobile devices on the White Rock site. They will be delivered on demand at locations identified by permanently installed information plaques with QR codes, using technology from simple stand-alone mobile devices to location-sensitive smartphones. Exploration paths – the White Rock trail – will be marked out.

The project work at White Rock continues with the next phase focusing on student and community volunteering, site clearance, interpretation and increased community engagement at this important heritage park.


If you would like more infromation on the White Rock project please contact the project manager to find out more: John Ashley: john@globespinner.net or Kate Spiller, Connected Communities Project Coordinator: k.spiller@swansea.ac.uk.

White Rock project in the news:

ITV Wales at White Rock! http://whiterocktrails.org/itv-wales-at-white-rock


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