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To request a project outputs, including school packs, research materials and DVDs, please email Kate Spiller, Connected Communities Project

Project Summary:

Memories of Old Clydach taps into the local memories of Clydach during World War 2 and during the 1950s, particularly looking at the ways technology has changed. The project has received photographs and memorabilia of all sorts, building up a substantial collection of materials and memories. 

The Memories of Old Clydach Project focuses on interviewing local people, those who went to war and those who stayed behind, as families or in reserved occupations. Some of the interviewees were children, others in their teens all have their memories.

One of the project interviewees, Rachel Johnson, was carnival Queen in Glais just before the war and she met the King when he visited the Mond during the war; she jumped down from a bank and surprised him, his comment was ‘Where did you come from?’ she had quite a long chat with him and has the photograph to prove it.

The project brings these memories together and has put them on CDs and DVDs and into worksheets to be used in local schools as well as in the community and in Clydach Heritage Centre.  World War 2 is a theme of Keystage 2 in primary schools and the 1950s and changing technology part of Keystage 4 in secondary schools.


For further information please contact Gwyn Evans, Clydach Heritage Centre secretary  or Kate Spiller, Connected Communities Project Coordinator:


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