Get Involved! Chips, Curry & Cappuccino Project

Chips, Curry & Cappuccino – The Diverse Food Heritage of Swansea
Chips, Curry and Cappuccino is a diverse food heritage project that will research how diverse food cuisines have become part of the mainstream diet in Swansea. Young people will interview restaurant/cafe owners and elders in various communities to build a bigger picture of how different cultures and communities have passed on their food customs, traditions and heritage making a positive impact on the Swansea and Welsh community.

The main communities that will be focused on during this project will be Chinese, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern communities in Swansea. However, there will be further scope to research other communities.
This project will provide a fantastic opportunity for restaurant and cafe owners from different cultures and community groups to share their heritage through stories, photographs etc. to our young researchers and to the wider community. Your information will contribute to an exhibition to be displayed in the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea between March and May 2016. The research will also be shared in many primary schools and community spaces through a mobile exhibition. This could be a fantastic way to share your culture and to promote your business or community group to others.
If you would like to get involved with the project by providing information through interviews etc. or would like more information please contact 038366.

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