Introducing History Points

Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce you to a fantastic initiative called ‘History Points’ below. My colleague Lorna Cook at West Glamorgan Archives can provide further guidance and advice:

Please see their fantastic web pages for more information:

 Introducing HiPoints …

They’re a bit like cashpoints but give you snippets of local history instead of cash!

 How they work

Anyone with a modern mobile phone or iPad can scan the HistoryPoints QR barcodes which they find on or beside selected objects of interest (which we call “HiPoints”).

Scanning a barcode connects your phone to the relevant page from the website – within seconds you receive a concise text about the object in front of you.

You can follow links to other websites for more information (e.g. opening hours), or see if other HiPoints listed on the page take your fancy.

Every HiPoint page is mapped on the website – so you can find your way to another HiPoint.

Example: If you’ve just read the page for Garth Mill, you can click on another building from the local-area list on the left. Click on Where is this HiPoint? to find your way to it.

 Information – not marketing

 Every HiPoint is hand-picked because it’s genuinely interesting, and never because someone is paying for it to be featured!

The information on each page comes from reputable sources and is presented in clear, simple English – often with options to read translations in Welsh, French and other languages.

The website’s entire content is tightly controlled, and not open to members of the public to alter.

A platform for non-profit groups is a platform for non-profit groups to put information about their local area or properties under the noses of tourists, residents and students.

Contributors include local history societies, special interest groups and charities such as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. They do not pay to take part, which means charities and small local groups can benefit from this new publicity channel.

Visit the web pages for further details!

I hope you are all well.



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